Rules & Behavior

General Behaviour on the Course
The Student shall at all times comply with all lawful and reasonable instructions given by a member of the Robotics Institute or the TUHH staff.
The Student shall treat all staff members of Robotics Institute, TUHH, Airbus, and all other relevant organisations and members of the public with an appropriate (in the absolute opinion of the Robotics institute) level of respect.
Robotics Institute requires the Student to act in a sensitive, respectful, and considerate manner at all times and to behave responsibly and not damage any property belonging to Robotics Institute, TUHH, Airbus, or to any other person.

Attending Classes and Other Activities
Students are expected to attend all classes and activities and to arrive punctually for the start time with all the equipment they need, and in a fit state to participate properly. Students are expected participate remotely from their home in a webinar organised by Robotics Institute approximately one month prior to commencement of the robotics-camp. The objective is to allow the participants to get acquainted with each other, and to impart some basic knowledge about 3D-Design and Printing ahead of the course.
If the Student needs to miss a class or other activity, they shall notify the Chaperons beforehand providing as much information as possible as to the reasons for their intended absence. In order to graduate from the Course, the Student needs to attend all the classes except those in respect of which they have a prior approval for absence.
A Student who repeatedly misses classes or workshops with insufficient excuse may be dismissed from the course.

Academic Requirements
All courses are taught in English and students are therefore expected to use English at all times while participating in course activities to ensure that others are also able to participate. Disruptive behaviour in lessons is not permitted and will not be tolerated.

The Student shall inform a staff member immediately if they are feeling unwell and shall follow any directions given to them by or on behalf of the Robotics Institute. The Robotics Institute will not be responsible for notifying the insurers or making any claim on the Student’s behalf.

There is a zero-tolerance policy towards the following actions, all of which are likely to result in instant dismissal from the course: drinking, consumption or possession of alcohol; having bottles which contain or have contained alcohol in their possession. A Student suspected of drinking alcohol may, at the discretion of the Robotic Institute be asked to undergo breath tests to indicate whether alcohol has been consumed

Use, possession or distribution/vending or attempted distribution or vending of illegal drugs or having in a Student’s possession, custody, power or control paraphernalia connected to the manufacture or use of illegal drugs, are forbidden and are likely to lead to immediate dismissal from the course and may result in police involvement.

Cigarettes and Tobacco
The course is a strictly no-smoking course (incl. e-cigarettes).
According to German law it is a criminal office to sell cigarettes or any other form of tobacco to any person aged under 16 and it is a criminal offence to smoke in premises open to the public and in certain other places.
There is a general smoking ban (incl. e-cigarettes) throughout the accommodation site including the rooms.

Access to Room and Belongings
When it has reason to believe the Student has been or may be or have been in breach of any of the Rules & Regulations, the Robotics Institute reserves the right to search the Student’s possessions and provided that reasonable efforts have been made to inform the Student’s parents beforehand.

Tattoos and Piercings
The acquisition or administering of new tattoos while enrolled in the summer camp (whether temporary or permanent in nature) or piercings by or to a Student is forbidden.

Looking After Belongings
The Student’s personal belongings and valuables are their responsibility; they should take care of their own possessions and respect those of other students.

Bullying Prevention Policy
The Robotics Institute is committed to providing all Students with a safe and supportive learning environment. This means an environment that is free from bullying. The Robotics Institute finds unacceptable any verbal or physical conduct that may in the sole opinion of the Robotics Institute be taken to demean others in connection with their race, age, nationality, gender, disability, appearance, ethnic background, religion or sexual orientation. Bullying is a conscious, willful, deliberate, hostile and repeated behavior by one or more people, which is intended to harm others. Bullying takes many forms, and can include many different behaviors, such as:

Verbal:           name-calling
Physical:        punching, pushing
Relational:     leaving someone out of a game or group on purpose
Cyberbullying using computers, the Internet, mobile phones, etc. to bully others

Where the Student becomes aware of any behaviour which does not comply with the above standards, they must report it to a member of staff.

Leaving the TUHH or the Accommodation Grounds
Except on supervised Course activities, the Student shall not be permitted to leave the TUHH or the accommodation Grounds at any time, unless the Student is accompanied by a member of staff and prior permission has been obtained from the Programme Director.

Rooms and Furniture

All participants will be accommodated as a group at the Youth Hostal Stintfang Horner Rennbahn in Hamburg (see our website for photos and details). Accommodation is girls only in shared rooms of generally four, and up to six girls per room in the Youth Hostal.

The beds are already covered with full 3-piece bed linen. Towels will be provided by the organisation. Sleeping bags may only be used in conjunction with a bedsheet. Items from the house, such as Chairs and tables may not be put outdoors.
When leaving the rooms, the windows and doors are closed. Students are expected to be punctual at the agreed breakfast times.

Visiting Other Students’ Rooms
The Student may enter the room of another student/other students of the same gender before curfew, but not later.

Mobile Phones and Electrical Devices
The use of mobile phones and all other electrical equipment during classes, is forbidden unless authorised by a staff member.
It is not allowed to use electrical appliances (electric blankets, electric water heaters, irons, etc.). This does not apply to electric hairdryers and razors.

Noise, Running and Disruptive Behaviour
Running inside any building is forbidden. The Student is to keep noise to a minimum at all times and respect the other students and staff living and working around them. The quite time between 22:00 and 7:00 has to be respected.
The Student shall not engage in any conduct which is likely in the sole opinion of the Robotics Institute to disrupt the work or enjoyment of others or which in the sole opinion of the Robotics Institute may present a health and/or safety hazard

Cleaning and garbage

Please keep the house and grounds always clean.

The designated and appropriately labelled containers should be used for waste.

In the house purchased returnable bottles should be returned to the designated containers.

At the end of an occupancy, the rooms, common areas, sanitary facilities and seminar rooms should be tidied up and left clean. Any changes on the premises and in the house must be reversed on the day of departure.


Think about our environment and be economical with electricity, light, heating and water.

Access to the large kitchen in the basement is only permitted to appropriate kitchen staff. The preparation and/or consumption of food is not allowed in the bedrooms.

Window Ledges, Roof-Tops, Dropping Items and Scaffolding
For their own safety, and the safety of other Students, the Student is forbidden from sitting on window ledges and roof- tops. They are forbidden from dropping, pouring, or throwing objects or materials out of windows or off rooftops. Climbing up scaffolding and similar structures is extremely dangerous and is also forbidden.

Fire Regulations
The Student will comply fully with all fire regulations which apply to the Campus and Accommodation, including those which relate to fire prevention, keeping escape routes clear, and the evacuation of premises.
The Student shall not undertake any activity which presents a risk to the safety of the Campus premises, to themselves, or to any other person. The handling of open fire (incl. candles) is strictly prohibited in all rooms. Campfires and barbecues at the accommodation site are only allowed after previous agreement with the property management on the designated areas

The Student shall not remove, tamper with, or impede the proper operation of any smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, or other safety equipment, and shall not deliberately set off any fire alarm for any reason other than to alert the occupants of the building to the existence of a fire. The responsible for the false triggering of the fire alarm system either by disregarding the house rules or for other negligent or wilful behaviour, will be held responsible for all subsequent costs of a false alarm
When the fire alarm sirens sound, the house must be left immediately (escape plans hang on the inside doors in the room and in the hallways).


Any damage or malfunctioning of the facilities have to be reported immediately to the group chaperons